Subluxed in a suplex(Unedited)

His little empire was nearly complete. 6 month of gathering resources and researching components, he had built a masterpiece of a set up. It was a natural progression for him, in the past he had come to know similar electronics and understandings of how they worked. In the past he just lacked the resources and well security to assemble such a system. He ‘friends’ seem to be constantly syphoning away his procurements for resale value. Three steps forward, two steps back. No he was on his own now, finally his purchases not soon disappearing as soon as he began to lose track of them. Only letting the confirmation that his past roommates and acquaintances were responsible for all his lost items settle in.

It was his castle. A second floor box in the middle of nowhere. Finally he had a chance to see he was capable of doing something right.

There was one thing lacking, something that could not be purchased. The alone life, as many benefits as it had was also quite trying at times. He was a particular man though, not just any partner would do.

So he sat in relative frustration, twiddling his thumbs and revising his budget and the physical components he saw as an extension of himself… It was much like the fight-club scenario… His apartment was his life, but he understood this. All the same, he poured every ounce of his essence into it. Deriving the best setup, reducing the complexity while maximizing functionality.

Why did he not get a life? As wonderful as his apartment was, it would wind up being a dead-end in his satisfaction. He wondered what would happen when he acquired it all. When the last component was set in place and his rig, which was more or less a whole room, was complete. What direction could his life go from there?

Well the world had boxed him in… at least in his mind. Caught in the suplex of illness which no one truly understands. A hopefully passing madness instilled by the fouler elements of the culture around. Hallucinations tied him to isolation, for that was the only place that he could have any chance of escaping the chaos. This only complicated his vague but withstanding desires for a compatible female. That was about the only undying element he had carried with him his whole life, and another compounding factor to his social juxtaposition. Monogamy with tons of strings, or polyamory without the love… many to most of the people he knew supported the latter. At least in his age group. His ideals and his judgements… made him an unpopular candidate in the eyes of most women. He knew this, but he wasn’t inexperienced. He’d have to hold out, for folding and settling would leave him wincing inside for the duration of whatever relationship he might otherwise enter.

Patience is a virtue, where the tortoise wins the race or not. It kept him calm in his mind, at least for the most part, to subdue his instinctual desires in preference of patience. He thought it would be a good skill to have.

Alas, he was not invincible. His moments of weakness manifested as a confounded luxation as he reflected on every event of his life that had led him spiralling to madness and then the subtle lessons that had culminated and allowed him to climb out of that pit his mind had set up for him.

“The difference between me and a madman is that I’m not mad.” - Salvador Dali

Couldn’t agree more good sir… not a single iota. The man would rather accept madness than uphold a society of pacified ignorance and indulgence. However that’s another issue, not to be discussed here. He had seen the brink and pierced the veil, and though he could never fully share the exploits of his journey… the lessons and insights he developed were profound and he would stand upon them for the rest of his life.

(special thanks to @minnii)

take care folks, happy solstice