Subliminal marketing: coke / cola

Coke a cola . I’m sure you all know. What about cheez-it crackers…cheese it= cheese arteries …plaque build up= stroke. Or television…hmmm or “I” …the eye…what about the other letters.

I feel like marketing is everywhere in this day and age. I wouldn’t look to far into the letters or your brain might starting creating messages, and es no bueno.

Speaking of Coca-Cola…cough @MrSquirrel cough


It’s a religious symbol, what can I say?

Pixie Cola.

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7 up…7 chakras lol now I’m making it up 7 up though

I see symbols on car logos. Like when I see a dodge grill…I’m like the devil is looking for me. I know y’all see the big crucifix …

Honestly, no. Was just enjoying my nightly can of Coke Zero and decided that a tribute was in order.


Let me tell you something about Coke Zero…

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