Subconscious thoughts in oral communication

my pdoc suggested I monitor my subconscious thoughts. if something happens (important or trivial), what are my immediate thoughts? I noticed that when I had a positive subconscious thought, my verbal communication was in line with that thought. For example, if I am talking to someone and I have the thought ‘oh, this person really knows his stuff’, usually the next words out of my mouth support this thought. But when I had a negative thought such as ‘oh crap, I am such a loser,’ my next words supported this negative thinking. As humans, we do not have time to conjure up our dialogue in real time when interacting but tapping into the subconscious is really powerful. It is a real simple technique to use… I can say that people with sz have communication barriers because we are constantly worrying about judgement and how we are perceived. Change your subconscious thought and you can change the way you communicate. Give it a try next time you speak with someone.

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