Subconcious Thoughts

What do you think about our mind using our fears to create delusions? I had this one delusion that I used to have based on a movie I loved. It’s still tied into my other delusions but not nearly as much since I found out it wasn’t true. Has anyone experienced any sort of delusion where they looked it up and found it really was true even though pretty much have never heard of it?

I hid a digital recorder one day and got 14 hours of knocking, phone ringing and answering on the first ring, banging, very old sounding creepy male voice calling a woman’s name over and over, then an old woman’s voice calling a man’s name. All this when there was no one inside my house the whole time. Joke was on the players when I failed to recognized the players names as my great-grandparents names someone must have gotten from an etching I made of the head stone and had hanging on the back of my door. Took me over 3 years before the light went on.
Subconscious thoughts or harassment ?

Yes, my fear of kidnappers created a lot of delusions and paranoia. The ones that hurt and the “nice” delusions. My delusions will also play on me deepest want. There have been a few times where I was convinced a baby would end up in my life again. Only to find, not so. Then I’m heartbroken.

This used to happen to me all the time, especially when it came to psychology, I would state a “fact” in conversation, look it up later to fin out I was correct. Kind of creepy and definitely opened the doors to a lot of delusional thinking. I stopped making “assumptions” and the associated delusions went along with it.