Styrofoam cups drawing

It’s good to be back on the forum. I was away for a long while, but I missed this supportive community! :slight_smile:


Can you give us an update? Anything special happen while you were gone? Did leaving serve its purpose?

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I didn’t have a specific reason for leaving actually. I was just doing well psychosis-wise and not doing well at all eating disorder-wise. I didn’t have any questions or art to share, so I really had no reason for being on here. Now that I’m doing better mentally, I’m back and even if I don’t have any questions personally, I can still help others on here.


As an art critic, I would say that the cup on the right needs some perspective work. But the left one looks great!

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Thank you! Yes, it’s not my best drawing. It could be better. I appreciate your opinion!

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