Stuttering, reading/writing problems

This is messing me up a lot. I’ve always had issues being able to write, like my hand muscles just don’t work right. If I’m typing or writing they’ll spasm and I’ll mess up, ur I’m getting better now because I don’t have to write much in this day and age.

But a reading problem has been starting to arise. I noticed it in 6 or 7th grade. Some words looked different on posters and the numbers in the clock would change. Now, even on this site when I’m reading things, the words are mixed or they shift and change, or ivcant pronounce them in my head no matter how simple, and I get weird mad up words and sometimes hidden messages like sex, killing, etc. It only shows up physically when I talk nonsense. I’ll ask what that says and people will look at me funny but will tell me anyways, or when I’m trying to have a convo and my speaking is like a toddlers in the sense I speak like “he maked it, I want pie”. Or I stutter. Always had a speaking issue but it was very minimle. Now, it’s HORRIBLE! My tongue just doesn’t want to work. I can’t pronounce words correctly and it comes out weird and I’m sometimes made fun of it, or I stutter or repeat words three or less times. I just can’t seem to think. Even when I’m thinking well I still stutter. :frowning:

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I’ll talk only about the problems in speech because it is affects me sometimes.
I believe that a good way to approach this problem would be just to walk it off as nothing has happened, people that care about you wouldn’t be affected by it and you are better off from people who will condescend on you because of it.
I think that when it comes to strangers- don’t let them feel it affects you and they’ll be less likely to bully you over it, bullies tend to exploit people they perceive as weak to raise their social status in said interaction.

I’ve seen that similar phenomenon happens to other people and looked on how do they react to it, I guess that this guy had something similar at an event he was part of:

and although he got lots of hate after it, he did a great job staying cool during the event.
I think that your mindset is very important when dealing with these situations.

tl;dr Stay strong, don’t let it bother you, acknowledge the problem and treat it as it is a normal part of your life when it is.
hope this will help :no_mouth:

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I suggest trying to learn to always remember that every sentence that everyone says is made up of a subject and a predicate.

The predicate describes the subject, and this is true in each sentence. It just says what the subject is being or doing.

Of all of the thousands of years of talking, speeches, books, news papers, and youtube videos, this is always the subject/predicate logic of language.

If people speak without any subject involved, it makes no sense. If people speak so that the predicate just can’t line up with the subject, then it is false.

Logic in the universe is the code that we should be interested in more than “radio transponder brain myths.” The way we communicate and think reflects the logic of the universe, and both the logic of the universe and the logic of the brain mental faculties are firm. Information goes in, and the logic of the brain processes it into a brain experience including doing things like driving and saying things like I’m doing now. Information input and experiences output. It’s like the law of the universe that is that for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. Energy is not lost but only transformed.

It is critically important for you to always seek first the subject in each sentence that you listen to, read, and that you experience your voices with and even as you communicate to other people. Always get the subject taken care of first.

Then your brain will start to automatically track down the predicate about that subject very quickly. Once your brain hears or reads the predicate about the subject, it pieces the two together like a key and a lock. Then it creates an experience with that information that it now understands. The experience can be to take action immediately or simply just mental experiences inside.

And develop the habit. I had problems like you. I developed the habit, and it works great. If I forget, I immediately know because what I’m reading or what people are saying is getting by me flowing in one ear and out of the other. I resort to this trick, and it just sets up automatically for me. :slight_smile:

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I got the same thing. When reading, it’s intrusive random words. When typing, spasms screw it up. When talking, I just say a sentence or two and don’t even try to do more. I don’t do even half the work I used to. It takes too long to do the simplest work for a few dollars. Eh, what can you do?

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Hey, alright! :+1:


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