Stupor and inability to talk because of Ativan?

after abruptly quitting Ativan I experienced stupor, inability to move and inability to talk. I dont know if it’s an early sign of catatonia or due to Ativan.

Yikes! Ativan isn’t something that should be abruptly stopped. It can cause terrible problems if it is

I should stop it gradually?

Yes, cut down a half a milligram every few days. That’s how I got off of it

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@om_sadasiva how are you doing getting off the ativan? Are you tapering? Any new side effects

I don’t think this is because of the ativan tho

I was given an injection of Ativan in the Hospital.
I was soon Hallucinating afterwards.

what it could be?

I am taking it. doc said we will gradually stop it together. I will wait till the appointment…

because of Ativan? weird.


It must have been a very high dose or it was mixed in with something else.

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