Stupidity-mine and theirs

Sometimes I’m into thinking other people are stupid. Sometimes I’m into thinking I’m stupid. A reoccurring phrase of mine used to be " I knew that when I was 8" to show that I was mentally advanced. Why 8 ?- heaven alone knows. Arrogance and self deprecation at different times.

I think our culture encourages us to compare ourselves with others. I know I do it even though it does me no good at this time in my life.

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I agree. I also think that sometimes people around us are judgemental - and kids learn to be judgemental of themselves and others from those people.

I little judgement can be helpful, but its also easy to get too judgemental - of ourselves and others.

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I’ve done and said some things I can only cringe about they were so stupid. I’ve been so close to catastrophe so many times, but I guess it was luck that brought me through.

I keep having to remind myself… life is a journey not a race.

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