Stupid things I've heard at commitment hearings and from past friends

I think this committment hearing process is a complete joke, I’ve heard things like:

well, if we don’t send her to the hospital, she’ll wander out into the snow and freeze to death - this is from a social worker at the hospital I’d never seen before in my life

a friend of mine said “I knew somebody with Sz, they jumped off a bridge, so you’ll jump off a bridge and I cannot handle that” - that was a girlfriend in high school I asked for help if I went into the hospital

my cousin accused me of wanting to take a gun to the University and shoot somebody. Totally a lie, my father was a policeman and she wanted $5000+ from him when he died, he was in a nursing home at the time. I wanted to move him to a different facility, the 2 of them were both alcoholics

my porn addict ex husband testified that “she’d shoot me if she had a gun”, well, see the bullet point above, I’ve always had a gun in the house, my dad was a policeman. 15 years I had a gun, I never shot him.

isn’t that all a ridiculous waste of time, my real problem is that I suffer from brain swelling or inflamation and I need to see a neurologist.

Sorry you’ve had bad experiences but sometimes people need to be committed. It wouldn’t be good if everyone was just able to walk away regardless of the danger to themselves or others.

I’ve been locked into facilities with this inflamation, and my brain has been damaged by it. These facilities I’ve been locked into do not have the proper diagnostic equipment or radiology/neurology to treat my condition. So, my civil rights have been violated and my health has worsened due to the process.

I agree that people should be hospitalized, but the commitment process is archaic, outdated, and can be harmful, to people like me.

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from my own experience, it’s all on paper. I went and picked up all the documents one time, all paper. How is anyone to improve or remove these probems if it’s all on paper? these are our brains after all, I only get 1 brain in life, seems the government has found a way to mash it, I’m certain this happens to others, they are not aware of it is all

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I was observed to see if it was brain inflammation, it is not. Some doctors do it, some don’t, it’s best for each one to seek their diagnosis, don’t sit at the first one.

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I believe it takes a nuclear PET scan to determine how and where your brain processes glucose, observations won’t do it. I’m not a doctor, but that’s what I had. before I’d get a CT or an MRI is all, the process seems to be to do a CT scan and then if the state pays the bill, not sure if the state authorizes payment for a nuclear PET scan, and I never saw a neurologist.

there are 80 different autoimmune diseases, I dunno how many can cause issues with a brain,

I was almost chaptered… when in Jail. It was absurd. My social worker tried to get me locked up for good, and my mother & sisters were onboard with it as well. A guy shouting back at his voices is apparently “too disturbing” for them.

Thankfully none of it went through. I mean what the heck - I was in Jail on false charges, how much lower can you get in a society? Now they apparently wanted me locked up in a mental ward & forever drugged and away from humanity. What a crock of ■■■■ - destroy a single man through some ■■■■■■■■ documents and a series of false accusations. Only Jesus knows that type of suffering…

How do they know if its brain inflamation?

I don’t really remember it well to be honest, my doctor perfomed a series of tests on me to rule out sz, and he said something about brain inflamation. What does that test where they take pictures of your brain is called?

Oh ok maybe an MRI or CT scan?

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Well yeah that. He did them. Maybe genome is right and it’s needed a PET scan. I’m just not that inclined to believe it’s an inflammation since I lived with symptoms all my life.

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my symptoms didn’t start until I was in my late 40s. but like that Stanford article says, there are autoimmune conditions that can affect your brain, I posted this article under news:

I had one other minor neurological clue, and that was I suffered a bout with diplopia first, double vision, nerves or muscles in my eye didn’t work, but we thought that could have been a small stroke.

I had alot of testing done, but it seemed to me the definative tests was the nuclear pet scan to determine what was going on, the CT scans and MRIs were not conclusive of the my problem:

so, I have some neurolgical damage in my brain now, I injured it biking 100s of miles with an autoimmune disease. I’ve been getting alot of rest and taking a acetycholinerase inhibitor, and I did feel it ‘wire back in’ about 2 months ago, and been feeling better and better every since.

i’ve been doing alot of walking, but sometimes I do feel alittle dizzy walking, bothers me. heat seems to really kick it off.

I’m glad you’re feeling better, but I think you’re a needle in a haystack. Most of us have plain schizophrenia.

well, if you understand alittle how medicine process works, then at one time, i just had plain old schizophrenia too.

so, i went out with my buddies, continued to ride my bicycle, and then was accused of ‘hallucinating’ my neurolgical symptoms because I was just ‘schizo’. I have vivid memories of that and I’m angry. went to emergency rooms multiple times with numbness and tingling and twitching for example, my heart seemed to jump around after biking too.

the process itself in medicine is to diagnose this as ‘schizo’ first. maybe you do have schizophrenia, it is a valid disease, however, the process itself doesn’t promote looking for brain inflamation.

ICD-9 and 10 codes, i think the only valid choices are schizo, schizo affective, bi polar, and the docs only gt paid (reimbursed) with those codes, and there ya go, you are schizo. that’s how that works. with that, the judge lets you out of the hospital provided you swallowed your pill.

alot of money was spent , wasted, in my scenario, and I’m alot worse than I was

Yeah, what do you have us do? All take the test? That would be a possibility :smile:

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that is, I don’t know the right answer, I do know I’ve been locked up for 2 months with no brain imaging, nobody really gave a damn when I said “my eye doesn’t work, I have double vision” for example.

i think it’s a waste of time to make up stupid ■■■■ at a commitment hearing, it clouds the problem. I would gladly goto a doctor who I was confident in. by the time I hear all the stupid garbage people I don’t even know, or maybe I do, make up sometimes at the commitment hearing, I have no confidence I’ll receive the correct treatment, which is exactly what happened for 2-3 years.

and if you do have a neurologically-related brain injury, the MRI or CT scan isn’t going to find it.

plus, my double vision itself, isn’t constant, I can see fine today, the diplopia comes and goes :smile:

Well I’m sorry you’re going through this, must be tough not knowing for sure. Maybe you can take that test and let us know what they find.

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I did take that test, and they said my brain wasn’t processing sugar (glucose) in areas not consistent with dementia, but consistent with ‘inflamation’. I had this test done at Mayo by a neurolgoist, outside the normal process of ‘getting committed and labelled with the diagnosis schizo - a different disease than what I have’

the doctors at the NIH said , and showed me, where there are ‘cracks’ in my brain matter

I had alot of other testing too, for all types of things, like spinal tap, heart stress testing, lots and lots of tests. Because my neurons become inflamed from the autoimmune disease and I have other syptoms , sometimes, especially if I bike.