Stupid stuff I used to leave on my flat mates computer

If my flat mate left his computer on I used to always type,

“James (surname) is the coolest guy in the whole wide world!”

I got super fast at typing that ■■■■. Sometimes if he was doing an essay I would sneak it into it. Sometimes I don’t think he realised!



haha i did this one time in college to my future self and i wrote some weird ■■■■ and drew a picture knowing i would go into it one day forgetting i even wrote it (this is the only way i think it could have gotten onto my dongle lol, anyway i freaked when i saw it and showed friends and they were all in shock and then i was saying to everyone that i was hacked and then i realised ‘wait a minute’ i probably done it to myself a while ago without thinking about the consequences, thus i kind of pranked myself in the dumbest way ever haha, i must be an idiot lol

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dude it sounds like you brits have a lot of good interpersonal fun… things are kind of slanted that way… all I really see into brittainia is the work of simon pegg… good humor to it… a lot of personality that isn’t afraid to get sad with a strong twist of it just being what being human is all about.

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