Stupid sensations

Cant get rid of these stupid bugs, they keep crawling all over me. I know they’re not real and it’s just my imagination, but ■■■■. I hate it.


Tactiles suck!

I find using an ice pack on parts of my body that are effected helps a bit!

I’ve also found keeping my body hair shaved cuts down on the feeling.

That’s awful! I know someone who sees and feels bugs. She will dig the skin right off her face and body trying to get them off and she has scars from it. I really feel for you.

For many years I once and a while ended up with an itchiness of my skin. At the area of itchiness, there would appear a slight rise in skin level and it is shaped like a thin straight line that is about a half inch long. This line was also pale in color. Within about 20 minutes, it would disappear, and the itchiness disappears with it.

Never have managed to find out what exactly it is. It has been occurring for over 30 years.

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Is it in your arm?? @OTRA

Mostly on arms hands and now and then elsewhere on the upper body.

How do you cope with it?

It only occurs about once a year.

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