Stupid pharmacy trying to dominate my life

I use CVS as my primary pharmacy. I urge you to consider doing business elsewhere if you do currently use CVS. Reason being, they WILL call you and hang up on you. You CANNOT purge your number from their system. I have a cell phone as my only way of contact, and they are abusing the privilege I afford them. Four, count 'em, 4 times in the past day they have called with “Refill Reminders” only to have them hang up on me. She gave me the opt out number, and I asked if that would stop all the calls and she said no. Think twice before giving your number out.

that is annoying…!! i recommend stalking them or looking through the shop window for hours that will freak them out !!
take care

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It would really be annoying if one had a phone that took minutes and would be losing time each time they called if you picked up. Like a government phone. I don’t usually answer my phone if i dont know the number.

I have this problem with them too. It’s a good thing my phone is broken. Take that CVS!

I’m not sure exactly how those systems work but I’m thinking after they remind you that the system would hang up as it has done what it is supposed to do. Not hanging up on you personally. Was the system doing this before or is it because you have not picked up your refills? Sometimes opting out of something can take time to be processed.

How are you feeling? It’s been 2 or 3 days since you went off your meds?

I am so glad I go to a small pharmacy out the UW medical center and UW clinic. I am really lucky that UW medical is around.

This is day 2 of no meds, and I’m feeling fine. I might have a minor case of pink eye, however. Nothing too serious. I spoke to the pharmacist and let her know my displeasure. She was very helpful in disabling the automated calls. It’s just a pharmacy, I don’t see why they had to be so intrusive.

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