Stupid people, and how they affect my job

soooo, when you are in charge of 25 people, and 19 of them test positive for illegal drugs…and you have to complete 15 projects, each requiring over 400 hours of manhours (meaning four people working 100 hours) and they all have to be done by the end of the month…

how the HELL am I supposed to deal with this??? These idiots KNEW a drug test was coming up, but they STILL decided to smoke ‘mixed mary’ or artificial marijuana!!! 19 out of 25 people!!!

my boss isn’t mad at me, but the clients stil expect their projects done on time, but in order to hire new people they have to make it through the application/interview process…

so basically, I’m going to have 15 people breathing down my neck if I cant get 19+ people on my crew by the end of next week…

sorry had to rant and my blog wasn’t really appropriate for this…

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Welcome to the real world?

The biggest problem with being above average? You have to co-exist with those who are below.

something I learned a long time ago actually, but it is still frustrating, I mean if it had been 3-5 or even 8 or 9 I could deal with it but 19? I mean its like they put all the druggies in my crew, they only 28 people test positive for drugs company wide…

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Start taking drugs?

Seriously, call a temp agency. They do the screening find the people etc. If they work out, fine hire them permenantly. If not, bu-bye.

Worked a lot of jobs through a temp agency when I started getting ill. Not the greatest pay, cause the agency takes a cut… But there was variety and no hard feelings if it didn’t work out.

Yep, better legalize marijauna i guess.

No one fails a drug test then.

My company’s policy for professional drivers is that we are NOT allowed to have ANY showing up in our system during a test, PERIOD. Doesn’t matter if it was smoked somewhere legal or not – our employment contract we sign stipulates that we are drug free.

I could see not driving while intoxicated but this seems like overkill and overall it would be bad for the workers that need much needed relaxation and down time.

There is no study that shows a person who is not intoxicated at the time of driving is effected whatsoever from the previous day’s use of marijuana. Well, official studies that is, there have been numerous on hands studies done by millions upon millions of people at this point though.

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The time is short. Need some specific methods.

It’s probably overkill, but that’s the policy. Employees are informed up front and have to agree to it as a condition of employment.

Edit: It should be pointed out that my day job is the transportation of dangerous goods (bulk fuels). 17000L of petrol has an energy equivalent of 125 tonnes of TNT. They obviously don’t want Cheech and Chong piloting that load.

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these guys weren’t smoking pot, they were smoking ‘artificial marijuana’ which is closer to meth and heroin than pot, its made with some of the same chemicals as PCP, it causes severe hallucinations, and paranoia…its basically a Schizophrenia drug…

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I hate math… Sorry, @Dremulf. The world won’t end though, and it’ll all get done somehow. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

Lol my mother’s husband is in charge of a safety program for professional drivers, and he once got a guy who flipped out for getting in trouble being caught high while driving. His reason was that he had his medical card so it shouldn’t matter, completely missing the whole point about not operating a huge deadly vehicle while high. If I had to deal with that sort of lolfail on a regular basis then I would probably be bent against pot smokers, too.

Pixel, that is definitely true, when I was in BCT for the army they showed us what happens when a fuel truck hits a concrete barrier (I was going to be a Chemical Specialist for a transport Division) That thing went up and left a crater the size of an Olympic swimming pool, it was on a TV but the camera taking the footage was ahalf mile away and it was knocked over b the force of the explosion. I could not imagine wat that would do in a crowded city like NYC or London…