Stumbling in past the dead trees, into a new world of discovery

Hello, my name is Amy. Recently as of last year I’ve developed and self diagnosed myself with Schizophrenia. Continuous voices that are loud, and obnoxious at times. Though they don’t tell me to do harm to others or myself. Some of the voices are female, others are male. There are more than ten different voices as well which when they get rowdy they sometimes cause painful headaches. They’re random at times with what they say. Other times they give me feed back when I am attempting to have a conversation with someone else. I have never been to a therapist in my nineteen almost twenty (By next month) years. I do not do prescribed medication, but are contemplating on it due to the fact that the voices are occurring more often, and more loudly. I have yet to actually tell my parents about this recent development due to the fact that I am afraid that they’ll lack acceptance, or shrug it off and tell me “…You’re fine.” I’ve also been doing some research into myself, and online to better understand exactly why it’s been triggered and what can I do to remedy it. Other than that, I come here to converse, explore, and understand myself and others like me better.

Thanks for reading this extended introduction! I hope I didn’t blather about too much. :smile:


Hi Amy, my name is Sasha and I also have schizophrenia… Welcome to the forums. Let me know if I can be of assistance.

P.S. If you like art please check out my work in the creative forum.

I absolutely love art. One of my favorite artists is Saccstry. I will certainly check out your artwork. c: Thank you for the welcoming.

Saccstry seems to have mastered her craft of darker themed subjects. I can appreciate her work.

I self diagnosed originally too. My wife had thought i might be bipolar but when i researched online it didn’t fit. What I self diagnosed as was Schizoaffective Bipolar. That’s exactly what my first evaluation found as well, and 2 subsequent evals by different doctors.
I do not take meds at all. I eat a good diet, keep active, and make sure i get enough supplements like Niacin, other b vitamins, Omega 3 fish oils, Ginkgo Biloba, and other herbs that enhance brain function.
I’ve handled voices and visions from a spiritual angle, or even by playing the game and outwitting them.
I haven’t experienced anything of this nature lately. I do occasionally get signs about something, I get synchronicities quite a bit with someone .
But over the years there have been periods of time when things were very active, like in 2012 voices constant 24/7 for 7 days strait, with visions included…however, I know what caused that, I believe we have reached an understanding.

PS: I like your topic title :smile:

thought i would say hi.
take care