Stuff you wont say to mental health team

What would you never say to mental health staff that you have said here? I just answered another post and mentioned something i think about, but never did.

Because of my facial deformity, i have actually thought of doing my own surgery. I have medical back ground in vet offices and know a lot about surgery and suturing. I ve done alot of suturing. I keep thinking about it, such as what about just the non-tricky areas that requires mimial skill. It would be good practice. lol

I would never say this to them olol :laughing:

Please dont type in anything you dont feel comfortable saying. I am just wondering if other people do this.


I would never begin with “…this is why I haven’t been taking my meds…”, or something along those lines.


Probably anything because they seem to interrupt me a lot. They just want to go by the label (schizoaffective) I think.


mine too!! They do dont they!!!


Yeah they don’t seem to listen or get to know the patients at all.


yes, i still would not say the above topic to them even if they ask. I was wondering if others feel the same or done the same. lol

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There are things I don’t want to say but I have impulsivity issues so I just say stuff I don’t mean to. I have kept secrets though due to not remembering anything and them not being careful enough to ask.

Thats exactly what i mean.

i guess i am wondering, does do any harm??? or is an innocent thing???
I feel like it would be a TMI for myself. It would make it too difficult to go back again.

The same for you or not?

would this thing, for me, classify as “thoughts of self harm”?

i really dont know in my odd ball life anymore. but i think it would? not that i have made any serious plans, only thought about it.

It can do harm depending on what it is. But I think that would also be considered innocent in a way.

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I talk a lot more about my alters on here than I do to my therapist. I just feel so weird bringing it up to her.

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I would never say “I just smoked a joint”.


i dont bring some issues up like my disordered eating (i really think im bulimic) because i dont want to look like im hopping from one crisis to the next. if i feel like its not totally ruling my life but is still a problem ill usually keep it to myself

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I won’t tell a therapist how desperately I want to go home (be with God) because they’ll forget the fact that I’ve felt this way since my mid-teens which should take the sense of urgency out of it. And I won’t share my disdain for humanity and how overpopulation is at the root of many societal problems because it might be misinterpreted as a search for a solution, which it isn’t at all.

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I won’t tell my therapist or psychiatrist how I heard voices calling me a pedophile and disgusting, it’s not something I feel I should bring up because it disturbs me.

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I thought I would never discuss the loss of libido I have experienced on Abilify but I already did :I Very awkward and embarassing.


really? I didnt know that (not just you) .

I mean, if you wont say it, there are probably thousands more who wont either.

I was under the impression a large part of the mental health field is for drug treatment. I would think it would be common.

I learn something new everyday.

i could understand that. and would like to add hallucinations often seem to say things to bring a person down.

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