Stuff to do and a new chore

my partner and mother in law bought me some cross stitch kits, they want me to do something productive with my time and my new chore is to walk the pitbull/boxer mix everyday no matter the weather. my in laws noticed my hand tremors while we were eating at culver’s. they asked if I had parkinsons, I told them that its TD from the pills. they asked if there is anything the doctors can do. I explained I am on medicine that is suppose to help but for some reason the doctor lowered the dose and my shaking has gotten worse.

I don’t know whats going on or why all of sudden they care

If they are reaching out try to reach out back. Sounds like they are trying to make a connection to make up for all the hurt at least trying to.

I have obvious hand tremor also from TD. When I was in the hospital recently, for some reason my Cogentin order had not been put through and my hand tremor became horrible…the first thing people noticed about me. When I checked my med list, no Cogentin. When I asked for it the nurse gave me a hard time saying it was a Parkinson’s Drug. I Had to educate her on TD…she researched it, and eventually I got my med.