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Stuff I found on amazon that is neat


literally pizza

SURGE is back!


"Usually ships within 4 to 5 days."
What :open_mouth:



Here’s one for the nerds :nerd_face: :smile:


@Moonbeam Stop it! I’m on the tram and I’m going to pee myself laughing!


Over the summer, once my daughter had turned 11, we had an “official” Hogwarts letter sent to her along with a white owl. We got the letter from Etsy though. It was really cool- it had a wax seal, was hand written in calligraphy, had her name on the envelop along with where she slept (top bunk bed, etc.). We had the envelope and owl waiting for her on her bed when she got home from school.

I love to shop on Amazon. I have spent a fortune on that site. I have recently bought books, this cute mini purse for my daughter:


This nifty little coin purse to hold the lip gloss I keep in my purse (in pink):

And this for my husband (which was $20 cheaper on Amazon than in department stores!):

Unfortunately, I am a compulsive shopper. Especially during manic phases. No joke- I just did the math, and I have spent $604 on Amazon so far this year. And that is AFTER I paid off and cancelled my Amazon credit card. I was a darned good customer, too. I bet they were sorry to see me go!


Here’s one for all of us ladies. I am so relieved to find this product. I will order this pronto for myself. :dancer: :smile:




I like the cups.


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