Studying to become a bookkeeper

I’ve decided. Decided to quit my job and study to become a bookkeeper. I really need a career change. I’m bored out of my mind!


Good for you ish I hope the transition goes smoothly.

How are things for you right now? Did you have a med change up?

Hope all is well.

Take care.

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An actual school because distance learning doest suit me. Studying and working full time will be too much for me. So I’ll find something part time.

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One thing: You mentioned that you were going to find a part time job while you were studying. In my experience, it is about 10 times easier to find a job if I currently have one. There is a ‘scarcity’ principle to influencing people as described in the book “Influence: Science and Practice.”

Employers seem to use that scarcity principle when choosing candidates. Their reasoning seems to go something like “Why should I hire you? No one else seems to want to.” Their reasoning is something like the reasoning of women who seek a relationship with someone already in a relationship: “All of the good ones are taken!”

In other words, if I were you, I would seek the part time employment of which you speak before you quit your current job.


That’s very true. However I am in a temp job and the contract can end any minute. I just don’t have the motivation to look if I have a job. Plus without the qualification no one would hire me in my desired field. I can’t handle full time work with part time study.

No I didn’t need a med change after that I’m still adjusting to this dose. Thanks for asking :slight_smile:

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if you get the bookshop job and you like it then maybe you could read something in your spare time :slight_smile:

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Nice one lol. A book keeper deals with figure work accounts not reading books lol

haha sorry lol i thought it was a librarian, i forgot its another name for an accountant i think

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@anon80629714 how’s life?i sometimes think I should be brave like you and go for a change,I feel I would neglect my loyalty and also my perservere working as a salesman but on the other part I feel I want to try changes