Studying hormones moods etc

SZ is a deficiency as I know but in laymans is too hard to explain or understand. "For every drug that benefits a patient, there is a natural substance that can achieve the same effect. For example with bodybuilding. Scientists developed a synthetic steroid that made bodybuilders super huge I think way more so than any natural plant that contains testosterone effects can. Problem with man made synthetics is always the side effects. As where nature has less of a side effect profile.

I have been in gym studying the breathing or respiration of individuals. And that is what non verbal communication is all about I think. They look at you it feels as if they grasped your heart. Just respond with a smile but wait the hormones have something to say about it too. Like Testosterone and Estrogen. T in the testes E in the ovaries. Regulates mood. Humans communicate with these hormones. At a basic level. Forgive me I’m not a physiologist but I have figured this out and I’m definitely on to something. Because when I walk in there people are effected simply by the way I breathe. Some people use T to garner an estrogen response. But you got guys thinking they are bad asses way over confident. Where as the natural balance between the two tends to be the most desirable. Men have estrogen, Women have testosterone.

Life is a big college whether or not your going for your degree your learning anyway. The best behavior I get from people I give to people is respect. Asking them nicely, can’t be like bulldozing in rudely like let me grab that bar over there. No. People experience fatigue and they need to rest and recover if you don’t an injury or illness will result. Just like what happened with me in my drug induced illness story. Thank you perhaps you may of noticed this as well.