Studying and working is meds helping

Hi, I work in a restaurant as a manager. I don’t really like my job, I’m studying part-time to be a web developer. I’m schizophrenic and sometimes worry that I’m not taking the right medicine. I need allot of concentration and I do also have add. Had any of you found a solution for all the side-effects of the schizophrenia meds. The add meds are fine , they seem to have less side-effects than the injection I take, but without my shot I start getting paranoid and I have serious nightmares, I speak to imaginary people who then believe is demons from some lesser key of Solomon book, that and other delusion. I struggle to study, it takes time to settle and focus. How is your experience with jobs and studies?

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My cognition was best on Abilify I got my university degree while on it 20mg. But honestly my cognition on it was still not near as good as before sz. My grades went down significantly after getting sz. I had to stop Abilify due to side effects and now my cognition is even worse on my 6mg Risperdal. My negative symptoms are worse too and I am sure they affect cognition.

I went off meds for 2yrs but my cognition wasn’t any better than it was on Abilify, it never went back to be as good as before sz. On top of that I relapsed and was hospitalized after 2yrs of being off meds.

I work in sales. I get paranoid from on the job stress and I try not to miss a dose. Studying has been mixed in my experience. My undergrad days I’d study and nothing would stick. I couldn’t remember/recall basic concepts and information. Sz really does mess with one’s concentration.

I have had some reprieve since April of this year and am applying for more schooling. I’m taking the GRE and I find that I’m able to take in and retain my studies.

Go for the easiest program language python with the flask or Jango frame work. Java script I quite hard to learn. We only have a quarter of the mental capacity compared to a normal person. So either the programming language must be easier or we must work four times harder.