Study: Sleep issues linked to mental health disorders


This definitely applies to me. My sleep is often all over the place.


Throughout the period of waking that the citizen coexistence during the first day of sz,while he is isolated from other,he does not do any behavior except to be immersed in following the steps of mental processes that led by the hallucination factor and the impression with effect of feelings that are generated one after other ,

They are continuously / coherently in the forward direction without stopping,without taking a break from the follow-up by action of self-will,without the presence or effect of external sensory environmental influences that curb this forced follow-up to distract the mind from follow-up

This making the citizen like a rock pushed by a torrent from the top of the mountain ,or like someone who stood inside a beach’s water of sea,and the sea slaps his body with wave after another ,with no possible end to the succession of waves

Either you will withstand the successive waves,or you will drown mentally /emotionally if you surrender to them and move with their direction

We know,you do not interest with these details , but we ask these questions;
1-What is the effect of continuous sequence on the potential and kinetic Energy of the neuron?

2- what is the effect of continuous sequence on the attention level ?
3- On depletion of the stock of chemicals that used to transfer the cognitive material from cell to another or in feedback processes ?
4- On the number of reverse chemical processes that are supposed to occur to get rid of the metabolism products of the forward mental processes -whose number exceeds the permissible limit ?

5- On the blood sugar ,pressure,oxygen and the amount of energy needed by brain regions to direct movement centers in order to activate muscular /expressive behaviors ?

How does the mechanism of sleep occur in the midst of a festival of succession of vocal thoughts,moving imaginations,recalling old memories and impression by irritable feelings ?

Without the help of APs and Benzos/sleeping pills, obviously. Sleep hygiene helps to a certain extent as well.

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In reality,sleep issues linked to a change (arise) in the attention level that cannot be returned to its normal state /balance by the effect of self-chemistry during the first days of onset of the hallucination (means sz), but rather by the effect of medical intervention

the question;
what is the casual factor and the mechanisms that lead to the changing of the attention level in a citizen with H, during the first days of hallucination activity?

To understand the point’
1-Is the effect of the hallucination similar to the effect of the narcotic drugs regard with the mental activities ?

2- Is the effect of the hallucination is similar to the effect of the stimulant substances regard with the mental activities ?

for example,when you want to treatment a citizen at the beginning of the hallucination for the first time ;
Do you recommend a stimulant drug OR an anesthetic drug ( a drug that sedates the mental activities )in order to induce the balance state ?

For many objective causes, We belief that,the better than this or that,a drug that lead to Deep Sleep !
If you can completely get rid of the H during the deep sleep,you can face it and bear the burden of the H during the waking time the next day !