Study shows vanillin can ameliorate neurological damdage

Vanillin is typically found in the actual herb vanilla, and vanilla extract.

Vanillin and vanillic acid modulate antioxidant defense system via amelioration of metabolic complications linked to Fe 2±induced brain tissues damage - PubMed (


I use vanillin to make cakes, hot chocolate and vanilla milk with Splenda (sucralose).

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I worked at a food manufacturing plant before and they had big 25 lbs boxes or so of vanillin. Really sticky smelly stuff. Maybe If I dunked my head in a box of it I would be cured today.

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If its the real deal it might have health benefits, but a lot of commercial vanilla products are synthetic or just a flavouring agent and have no health benefits.

A 50ml bottle of real vanilla extract would typically cost around 15$.

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