Study reveals role of sleep deprivation in unwanted thoughts


I read it, and it’s not that long. I found the last paragraph to be the most beneficial.

Personally I’m sleeping better but due to less stuff to do, I seem to be allocating too long a time period for sleep, hours that I fill with sleep. The elongation of it, makes for my night’s sleep to feel a little less satisfying, or (crisp?). I’m overall content but it’s still a work in progress. Haldol for me now, and I believe it’s not activating, I think it’s neutral.

Anyway, here’s the paragraph:

“The study also suggests that the onset of intrusive thoughts and emotional disturbances following bouts of poor sleep could create a vicious cycle, whereby upsetting intrusions and emotional distress exacerbate sleep problems, inhibiting the sleep needed to support recovery”.

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