Study highlights the extent of schizophrenia stigma


Wow. Not surprising, though.

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To me, this renew interest on mental health it’s because Simone Biles did what she did.
People might start to get interest because they know it can be crippling in the daily life, although there’s still some people like Novak Djokovic that still think it’s just that people can’t handle pressure. My dad complains the same whenever I say I’m anxious before exams, he doesn’t fully understand how crippling it is on our daily life.

Of course it’s different and I’m not comparing Simone Biles with sz, from what I read she had the “twisties”, which is a gymnast term to refer when their brains doesn’t make the body move as they wish, mental health diseases and so on…

Regarding sz, yeah it’s just one more social study of people saying szs are druggies, what can I say? People think they know everything, it’s so much easier to think you’re right than to think you’re wrong. I was on a call with my friend who had a pfizer shot and thinks he had the virus from the shot, just because he got covid without full vaccination, when he knows he has the protein not the virus, and still thinks like that.

As I said people just like to think they are right all the time, it’s not our fault. I’ve seen worst stigma in children, so yeah just let them be wrong, not much to do.


some respondents stating they would be upset about having someone with schizophrenia as a >neighbour, or a close friend.

F*** those people.

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