Study Finds Sociopaths Less Likely to Wear Masks


This explains a lot!

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Dumb people as well as I’ve learned from conversations with them. Just … wow.


Yeah I notice that lots of ignorant people don’t wear masks also.

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It explains trump

Jason Voorhees ain’t such a bad guy after all.

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I went to a job interview last week at the local US Customs and Border Protection at the airport. I had to get them to buzz me into the gate and then let me in the building.

The guy interviewing me wasn’t wearing a mask and I went to put mine on before I walked in the door and he said they didn’t do that there but he would put one on if I wasn’t comfortable. I did the interview maskless. These folks are protecting our borders. One of them gets it and they will all be sick.

Last night I went out to eat and I put my mask on to go to the counter and pay and there was an older gentleman at the counter without a mask. I looked at him and he said “I am not afraid of your germs”.

It takes all kinds.


I would have tested that by licking him.



Conclusion: Sociopaths make up their own rules.

Just give me the study money next time and save these brilliant scientists the trouble.


Psychopaths tend to be intelligent, just lack the compassion like someone would be born without arms. Many are successful and in the positions of power and influence. Famously many surgeons and CEOs for example.

I’m aware of this. Just pointing out that the other cohort that prefers to go sans mask is the one that needs help tying its shoes.

Well it’s very easy to sway the minds of the crowd, especially when their guy is the one downplaying the importance of masks. But the other extreme is us potentially having to wear them indefinitely once the pandemic is effectively over. Can’t be too safe.