Study: Babies born to mothers with diabetes at higher risk for psychiatric disorders


They said "Although it is still not known why children born to mothers who develop diabetes during pregnancy are at higher risk for these mental health issues, "

The issue is just an observations ,and it does not reach into the level of objective explanation that related to any current hypotheses ,because the absence of actual knowledge with what schizophrenia condition itself is in basic nature !

In other words,it is impossible to find any objective causal relationships ,or linkage between the Personal Medical Observations and the schizophrenia condition,unless you first know /understand what sz in itself is in a correct /exact theoretical knowledge that corresponds its actual reality

in the pure reality ,when you say “the schizophrenia condition causes the hallucination” and you are insist on this unusual belief

It is like you say;the symptoms of diabetes cause damage to the gene responsible for production of insulin,which means that the symptoms are the cause ,while the defective gene is the result (a symptom !) .
Or when you say ; the symptoms of flu is creating / inducing or development the virus !

So ,there is a fatal misconception that defines the relationship between what is a schizophrenia and what is the hallucination

The health condition be called SZ, is a new event /phenomenon that is absolutely unknown to the human beings,and there is no other human phenomenon similar to the sz condition in itself

when the sz happen to a citizen,he will not easily recognize the actual nature of this condition through comparison /analogy with all known human phenomena in the cases of disease,illness or health because it is a new kind of conscious conditions

The sz condition itself represented by the thoughts emitter (H) is not self-generated,such as the fetus in the womb of a pregnant woman,because it is a creature that has an independent existence and does not constitute a natural part of the pregnant woman’s body since she was a child and during the pregnancy and childbirth and after

The hallucination is like an embryonic mind in the womb of the brain, it means it is not inherited mind and it has an independent existence