Student syndrome


I was never like that until I got to my two dissertations as I majored in History and Sociology.

At the time I was very ill, but somehow I managed to sit myself down, and hyper-focus on these two 15,000 word projects, and still do a half decent job of them.

Before the psychotic symptoms came about, I used to spend a lot of time in the library, and I would skim through the indexes of every book on a subject we were focusing on, and digest all the relevant information or theory.

My work was very original, and that put off some tutors, but in the main it pleased more people than it disappointed

These people with ‘student syndrome’ are those going to Uni for the ‘experience’ of living away from their parents, and getting their hands on thousands of pounds to spend on getting messed up - who then realise at the last minute that they actually have to do some studying to justify their existence at the uni.

All this was happening around me and I thought it was such a waste.

What I did was stay at home with my parents, and drove in each day, and I saved every penny of the loans that I could, and worked like hell in the down time between semesters.

Net effect was I left Uni with half a deposit for a flat, and not a damaged liver and ■■■■ grades.

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man this was so me at uni. unfortunately

Describes me for sure.

That would be me. I’m glad I invested very little time. A degree is for the most part useless.

I had severe anxiety even weeks before exams so really couldn’t procrastinate…

I did everything last minute but had poorer concentration and negatives in hindsight back then for sure. It really was beyond me to do too well as a student after getting to like 14. Was great till then.

I’ve never had an A+.

I had my only A+ in community college. A class about the Beatles.

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