Student loan discharge approval

I was approved my student loan discharge and I’m so excitied


awesome!! i should have done that!

Through disability? Doesn’t that ruin your record though? I hope it doesn’t for you, but does it have any effect on you getting a job or something, in the future?

@MindJam It doesn’t hurt your chances of getting a job in the future, and @Wahoos46 won’t be able to work for three years anyways or their loans will be reinstated.

Congrats on the discharge! I owed about $130k, and mine was discharged, too.

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@Happy_H are you in the states? Do you know of any adverse effects it has?

Thanks for your response…

Yes, I am in the U.S… Student loan discharge requires a 3 year monitoring period in which you can’t make money above the poverty level for two (even if there are more than 2 people in your household). They periodically send a form asking how much you’ve made, and you do have to include SSDI/SSI. After the three years, you are done. I was lucky in that I was out of my 3 year period in 2018- when they stopped making people pay taxes on discharged loans. Now you don’t have to.

I learned that I can’t go back to school, though. If you are on SSDI or SSI and want a student loan after yours have been discharged, you have to write a signed letter saying you are able to work and make a sustainable income. I got accepted into a university for an Accounting degree, but I was then told by the financial aid office about having to write that letter as well as getting a note from a doctor saying I could go to school. If I had written that letter, my SSDI would have been stopped, and I’m not really sure if I even can work, so no school for me!


Thank you for the great information. I might use this. Although now I’m paranoid they (the gov) knows about this now, lol … thank you, 3 years? Goodness.

How long does it take for loans zero out

It doesn’t take that long. I got a refund for all the months I paid it after I was disabled. They sent me a check for like $1200.

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