Stuck outside now

I’ve gotten myself in a difficult situation instead of riding off into the sunset in my car after getting kicked out of my apartment my money was all stolen and winter is coming. I got no place to stay also bad rash because there’s like nowhere to bathe outside also acid rain makes it more difficult too also i don’t have my own check yet but I made some really good progress getting that guy who attempted to murder me to not be my payee now yay then but my money is still suspended but I need it for washing my body my clothes also paying for my phone. The other thing was I have this really terrible rash now my old payee obviously isn’t helping me get what I need to fix that I ran out of money after I bought this camping stuff.

One more thing anything you can do to murder the mosquitos helps a ton.

You need help, big time. Can you go to a church or shelter and ask for assistance?

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