Stuck in twilight zone


I woke up thinking my depression lifted but it hasn’t. My appt with my pdoc she cancelled as she’s not well.

I asked my husband’s sister who is a GP to write me a prescription urgently. Hopefully I will get it by tomorrow when my meds run out

I phoned my social worker/therapist at hospital psychiatric dept but she wasn’t there. Spoke to the pdoc who answered the phone and told her how bad I’m feeling.

She said I should either go to local day hospital for assessment or come to the hospital emergency unit for assessment and possible admission if they think I need it.

But I said to my husband i don’t want to go to hospital as we’re moving house in three weeks time and I want to be at home and available to sort the house out.

Told his sister to write me prescription for 400mg amisulpride instead of 200mg and basically that’s what the hospital would have done too - just increased my meds.

Hope to avoid hospitalisation this time round. I can’t believe how sudden this relapse was. I was fine on Wednesday then suddenly the hypomania episode and crashed on Thursday and been depressed ever since and occasional voices.

Living in twilight zone. Lying on bed all day with severe avolition and anhedonia. Still can’t read and can’t even enjoy my coffee and can’t be bothered to eat much.

I hope I can get my prescription soon! As soon as I can get more amisulpride in my system I should be fine. I know 200mg is my maintenance dose and when I relapse I need 400mg so shouldn’t need to go to hospital.

I can’t afford it now. Got to be ok

Got to be ok…


I think I was taking 800mg amisulpride