Stuck in the house on hot days

how do you handle it…? I pace the floors ,

I’m stuck in the house in general. I usually listen to music or do adult coloring books. maybe a nap and exercise bike. my meds give me restlessness so i do a lot of wandering too

Hell, I go back to sleep. Too damn hot in the summertime so I just pretend that I’m hibernating so as not to waste any energy. Like why leave the motor running if I am not going anywhere.

I spend my time 2 ft from the fan.


sometimes 'm at work. if not, I’ll be in front of my fan too, or on weekends I’ll help my mom gardening and plant flowers, which is relaxing. Or I’ll be inside the house playing Sudoku puzzles. My birthday is in the summer (August) and last year I spent it in the house alone, on a online crisis counseling center website hotline, messaging someone looking for possible therapist contacts, and maybe a happy birthday from a stranger. This has got to be one of the loneliest illnesses ever. thank God for having you guys to “talk” to on here. :slight_smile: