Stuck in cocoon and running in circles

Every episode or relapse breaks my rhythm of life.
Lesson learnt its not my trained thoughts issue,
Its just chemicals off balance, which makes it untrained.

How can I realise when thoughts go unreal ?


It took me years to break the cycle.

The main thing that fixed it for me was getting on the right med

Took 6 attempts over about 5 years to find something that worked and had minimal side effects

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Thank you … :blush:

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the people around you can keep an eye on you and they will notice more easily when things start to go off…


Thank you :blush:
How can I find the difference from people who are against me and for me.
I find it hard to diffentiate from friends and enemies.
May be I am doing lots of mind reading( Mind reading cognitive distortion)

hmmm differentiating friends and enemies is hard… i’m not sure i know an answer to that. usually you notice if people are good for you or not. Like intuitively, you know?

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It always happens to me at work place…
I make friends and after a year I quit the job as all are against me.
Again I setup my mind and join a job and this repeats.
I don’t know if its me or the condition.

This is relatable and I’m sorry you’re going through it. Do you have family, friends or care workers around who know you well enough to tell?

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I stay with my parents and have a good friend.
But they are done listening to my unrealistic thoughts.
The meds do work well while I am at work, but slowly it creeps in at free time or at times I don’t realize.

I think it’s the illness. I don’t think everyone would be against you at every job.

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In Life. In Existence. In The Realistic Reality That The Sun Is Real. And The Moon Has Been Walked Upon. That There Exist’s Shadows Beyond Our Outlines Of Flesh And Bones.

We Think. Hum. Speak. And Sing.

Sometimes About Very Little.

Sometimes, Nature Knows…, Sometimes!. About Everything!.

If You Cannot Find Your Steps In The Current’s Fascination Of Reality And Or Illusions.

Care Not For Fear. Release The Wild Inside And Like A Bird In A Cage. Stay Close To What You Trust.

Reasons, And Purpose Will One Day…,

Become As Healthy As a Glass Of Water.

Reasons And Purpose, Will One Day…,

Become Clear (!!!). :slight_smile:

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