Stuck in a rut

am i depress? i constantly have negative thoughts, as i go to work, i dont want to try to lose weight, i just dont take initiative to do anything in my life…i live with my parents, i have a lisence and a job, but i dont make enough money to move out or get a car, generally move on with my life…i am taking ziprasidone 60mg once a day…a bunch of other pills, i am on an antidepressent but i dont think that is enough…i am lonely, even though i have friends that i dont see but talk to online…everyday…i dont want to try and get a girlfriend because i dont think i am ready for that just yet…i think im bipolar too as sometimes i am a dick, and sometimes i turn around and apologise and feel bad about what i said…i have friends that i see at the social club when im working, but i dont take the initiative to meet them outside the club, and hangout, im stuck on this online ■■■■. i never tell my psychiatrist or doctor, because i am not comfortable showing my feeling with anyone…i keep everything bottled inside most of the time…i am not very social, most of the time i am quiet…unless with friends…

Hey man, your not alone. Im in the same boat. Except I am also jobless. Things can get worse things can get better. Loneliness is the real killer. I dont even like sex, but damn being alone is so boring and difficult.

hey you have a classic case of “being to hard on yourself” you have a job and friends count your blessings there and you dont really want to have the whole heap of bills that come with owning your own house anyway grrr im a peasant lol

Good call on no girlfriend. That is definitely not something you should step into if you aren’t ready.

It could be worse. You could be lonely, no job, on disability, and no social skills to speak of - like me.