Stuck in a rut

I’m feeling very down today. Being not able to find a job has really gotten me down. It’s gotten to the point to where I don’t see the point in living anymore. I’m suicidal, having these thoughts almost every hour. I don’t see the point in continuing on. My social worker wants me to go to the hospital but I refused. We went to the crisis center but I only stayed an hour before heading home. I don’t know what to do to make things better. If I only got a job I wouldn’t be feeling this way.

Stay in there, but if your feeling sucidal it’s best you go to a hospital until your better


Hey. It’s not normal to think like that. Go to crisis again. Jobs are hard to find for a lot of people at the moment so it’s not your fault. You do sound down enough where you need some help.

Please. Consider getting some help!


Things may be slow now, but in my experience if you hang in there long enough, eventually you will get an offer. Then things will go pretty quickly…

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They must know you pretty well so maybe you should at least consider going if they think it’s a good idea.

Don’t get yourself down because you haven’t found a job yet.

If anyone wants an update I’m currently in the hospital. My mother refuses to speak to me. My father wants me off of all medications. I’m not in a good place.


I think being in the hospital is a good idea. Don’t worry about your family, they’ll come around. Obviously don’t listen to anyone who wants you off meds. They just don’t understand.


work begets work. if you want to find a job you have to “work” or get active in any way you can. If you cant get a job, just stay busy. if you cant stay busy, just do an exercise, if you cant exercise, walk. cant walk, just stand up. can’t stand up just smile…
you just gotta get the ball rolling!

coffee? :slight_smile:


I hope you are feeling better now that you are getting some help!

I’m glad you’re safe. Hospitals are no one’s idea of a fun time, but sometimes they’re very necessary.

My dad also wants me off meds. I almost never talk to him anymore, maybe once a year, because every time I do he tries to get me to trade APs for some homeopathic untested supplemental nonsense. Drives me crazy. Like, sure, let me take a tumeric capsule, that’ll cute my schizophrenia! :roll_eyes:


Are there any work programs around where you stay? Usually there is work opportunities at disability centers. It’s good that you are expressing your thoughts though. I took forever to express myself properly and find healthy places to talk with people. Its good that you went to the hospital though.


Good to be in good hands anyway.

Hope you will feel better soon.

Difficult when parents are in denial and not understanding.

Have you got disability employment where you live?

That can be easier to get a job that way.
Sometimes the employer gets paid to employ you so they get cheap labour.

With disability employment agencies you often get a case manager who helps you find a job.

The one I favoured was called milestones disability employment agency but that’s in Australia or is it spelt mylestones …
They were going to take me clothes shopping to get job interview clothes and the government pays for the clothes but you do not get to chose shop and the clothes have to be approved.

They were so nice but my mum told me that she did not want me to go to them because they worked with my psychiatric group and that I was stigmatised as schizophrenic by them and that my mum thinks I have Aspergers and that’s what the employment agency should have registered.

My mum and I were in huge fights but she is so awful when she is angry I have difficulties standing up for myself so I changed agency and did what my mum wanted.
So weak of me.

The other agency had one good job I was interested in which was rolling protein health balls .
But the woman was not understanding and seemed power crazed and bossy.i liked her anyway but it may not have been the right place for me .

Then I got on the pension so I am on the pension now and will volunteer work helping family and see if anything else.

Could you volunteer work for a while?

Maybe you don’t want stigma from a disability employment agency as some say but they can probably be very efficient in getting a job quickly depending on finding one that suits you.

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