Struggling with thinking prayer gives me powers

I used to pray really hard, and thought it gave me powers. Now I’m tempted to do that again and trying to convince myself that I didn’t really have any powers and no miracles occurred as a result of my prayers. But I’m really feeling torn about it

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Praying doesn’t give you superpowers. But it might chance you upon the treatment necessary to get well. Also seems to make the voices nicer.


The power in prayer doesn’t come from us but from the Higher Power.


Prayer is basically being in a hopeful mood…which can’t be a bad thing.

But what’s the old line?..

“If you talk to God you are normal. If he talks back to you, you’re nuts.”


I used to pray all the time. It helped me clear my head. I think :thinking: in that way it’s good for you.

There’s nothing magic about prayer. I think of it as venting to God


I am a strong believer in prayer…one time I prayed my mom a new house…true story…after praying a week really hard a downburst hit my mom’s trailer she lived in and they took the insurance money and bought the home they live in today…


Prayer is real. I’ve had too many answered to not know prayer is real.


I’ve had prayers like that answered. Lots of them. Not sure if it’s a coincidence, or real, and whether or not it gives me powers.

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This is not the place for power of prayer stories. She’s trying to get past a delusion.


How do I know it’s a delusion because I prayed and things happened that shouldn’t have but did after my deep praying

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Because magic doesn’t exist.

Prayer is more of a meditation exercise. It’s a helpful outlet for those doing it. But magical thinking based on religion is a delusion.


Me too. It makes life easier to have someone to vent to even if we are crazy. We deserve a relationship with God. It’s not fair that we get responses but it is what happens so we live with it and spiritually we need guidance. It’s not our fault that guidance sometimes actually comes from “Gods”

Magical thinking IS a delusion but it is a comforting one so be careful not to abuse it.


So answered prayer miracles are magical thinking? Is there ever a time it’s real?


Only in our wildest dreams if you ask those who run this site

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It’s a Fascinating Subject. Prayer.

I Once Read a Book, (By) Robert Anton Wilson. Where He Talks About Going For a Walk. And Not Really Putting Focus into Anything.

And Nothing Unusual Will Happen. 99% Anyways. Although Probability Argues.

But He Went on (In The Book), To Say, if, When You Are Walking, You Look For Quarters, You Will Find at Least ONE Quarter!.

At Least One!. Probability Arrives Once Again on His Argument.

He Tried to Give The Reader Focus, That if You Aren’t Careful, You Will Miss Out on Some Beautiful Things.

Which Kinda Leads to Prayer. And a New Interesting Thought.

If You Pray For Something, And it Happens. Does That Make Prayer a Reality?.

Or…, Probability?

Strange, But Inquisitive Subject… . … :frog: :sleeping: :frog: