Struggling with feeling my hobby is pointless

Been having a huge lack of motivation towards my passion of horses since I lost my job working on a horse farm. I’ve been just feeling like “what’s the point”. My career path is going on a different direction because I had no choice and now I’m feeling like it’s pointless to continue. I’m losing my skill the longer I stay away from it. I can’t believe how much of myself I lost when I lost my job. I feel it’s pointless to pursue and it worries me. I used to love riding and I was competitive and now it seems to all be a big waste. What a bummer.


Don’t give up your passion. Life often takes us away from things we enjoy but just because now doesn’t work you never know your future! You may be able to move back into the field. You may find new passions! I know it seems like everything is happening at once but you’ll get through it!

I’m 48. I still play competitive cricket at my age and I didn’t get back into it till I was 27 after a few games as a teenager! I know it’s all hard but get through tomorrow should be your goal. Once you do that for a while it becomes easier and you’ll move forward. Sort out your mind first!


If u truly enjoy it. You shouldn’t stop it. Just because you may not be at a competitive level doesn’t mean it’s not worth spending your time doing something u love to do. U wudnt tell someone hu loved dancing to not dance, just because they were not good at it.


I love practicing piano, so, I do it even though my anxiety level is so high that I probably will never be a performer.

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I have one saying …

we can learn from the past, we live today and we create the future, so just follow your passion and you somehow will be again with horses doing what you love …

Recording is probably the most I’ll do with my music,

I’m going riding this Friday, I don’t want to give this up I was just at a really low point.

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I feel the same way about photography. I used to love it but now I just think it’s pointless. I mean the last thing the world needs now is another photographer to be honest.

But when I hold the camera I get a little bit excited. It means something to me. Maybe that’s all a hobby has to be in order not to be pointless.

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