Struggling with eating again (Possible TW)

I haven’t intentionally been trying to lose weight recently but I (stupidly) weighed myself out of curiosity a couple of days ago and I have lost quite a few pounds and if I lose 3 more pounds I will be underweight.

For some reason it has encouraged me to start eating less… if I have lost weight without even trying then I may as well continue and eat even less. If I am underweight, then that can be evidence I tell to the voices that call me fat. I can say “no, I’m not fat, I’m underweight actually”.

I feel like I should tell my doctor when I see her next week but she’ll just tell me to eat more food and I don’t want to.

How about 1 meal a day? You body needs basic macro nutrients to sustain itself.

I’ve been having 3 meals per day but still losing weight

Is it 3 small meals? You must be exerting more calories out than taking calories in.

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I agree… I eat only once a day and it is sufficient!


Do you respect or love your voices?

Make sure some of what you are eating is healthy.


It’s hard for me to lose weight.

add a glass of whole milk to each meal, it will give you the extra calories you need along with calcium and all sorts of amino acids and vitamins.

edit you can even add ovaltine to it or chocolate syrup to make it easier to drink if you don’t like plain milk


I usually only eat twice a day. Breakfast and dinner. I skip lunch and don’t miss it. Dinner is very large where I live so, I really don’t need lunch.

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