Struggling to stay up

Not because i’m tired,only been up for 95 mins , but because i can’t see the point of being up. This is par for the course. I’ll get up for a few hours then go to bed,repeat pattern several times a day.

Firemonky, Do you live near a park? You should go to the park for a walk everyday around sunset time to meet the people who are walking their dogs or just doing exercise. You need to smell the fresh air in the park and watch those green trees and how the leaves change color in different seasons. And after a walk, you can come back to this site posting.

We are all sons or daughters of the great NATURE and should be close to her.


Here is the link to a website called QQ, where tens of thousands of Chinese students gathered for practicing English language. Some people from the USA and Canada logged on these QQ groups to be a teacher to those students. QQ created literal classroom call QTroom for them. I think you may be interested to take a look to this , so, here is the link for download the software to join the QQ (like skype).

for an English QQ group, it’s QQ number is 136650199
Hope you find something positive in your life.

When I first started taking medication I took Zyprexa. The first day I took it, I went from being up to not wanting to get up. I since then changed medications and I’m starting to get up earlier and stay up later.

I think with me it's because my life revolves round the internet,especially forums(pathetic?), and when there's not much going on i get bored .
Then again if it wasn't the internet i'd be overdosing on tv 16/17/18 x 7.

I think being on my own 99% of the time doesn't help either. Sometimes one's own company is fine but when it's a virtual constant then it's not so fine.
Options are thin on the ground and all that's offered is time limited stuff which means going from one time limited thing to another till you run out of choices and are back to square one.
In desperation i might go back to the peer run men's group that Rethink check on from time to time. I say desperation because it's not exactly inspiring . There are 3-4 of us. One is learning disabled and his conversation is half sentence/sentence replies to things you say and it's hard to get more conversation out of him. I find myself struggling to stimulate conversation as i am not good at initiating and sustaining conversation.
The person who runs the group is ok but given half a chance launches into his delusions about being the son of Christ and visitations from the devil etc. Generally the conversation is stilted. The only plus point is i get out of the flat for an hour. 

comment from someone on another forum. Rather hits the nail on the head.

That group don’t sound the easiest group of people to have a good old chat with. I am not surprised you struggle and yes, I know you do, at least you do unless the topic interests you.

I think me too addicted to the Internet, especially in those forum discussions.