Struggling to make a wish list

My father phoned on my birthday . Wants to send me a combined birthday and Xmas present . Didn’t want to send money( he had difficulty putting money in my account a little while back) . He asked if I had a wish list . That really stumped me . My interests are very much computer based . I’m notoriously bad to buy for . Struggling to think of things he could send from the USA that would be good , and better than you can get in the UK .


What about snacks? Any weird American foods you want to try?

Kitchen gadgets are usually my go to for gifts because they’re things I would enjoy but never buy for myself. Maybe he can order online from a UK site. I’ve got my eye on a microwave popcorn popper so I can make a small serving of popcorn and ditch the bags. Or a peeler thing that makes vegetable noodles.


Do you need a new coat or boots?

A kitchen gadget would be OK if I had the surface space for it . American foods are tempting , but cost an arm and a leg from Amazon UK , and other British stores selling American goods . Him sending food items from the USA would not be a good idea I think .

Have got a coat rack full of coats !! Will look at American food items that can be ordered in the UK .

It might have to be rice a roni and ramen noodles .

Try a new computer :computer: I here we use newer ones

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I’m told that I’m hard to buy for. The truth is, the only thing I need is clothes. I’m physically having to hold up my sweats lolol

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