Strong willed child

According to my sons stepmom he has been defiant. My daughter was like that and I tried everything with her and nothing worked. Idk how to help. He’s 8.
She doesn’t know what to do either

I’d get him into therapy.

Well are there any examples of how he’s been defiant?

I think that is called being an 8 year old boy with a mean parent. Maybe the problem is trying to fix him when instead you should be trying to build up his confidence. There is nothing wrong with that boy unless you let him think that there is.

My martial arts teacher used to say
"It’s Better To Build Children – Then Repair Adults"

I know what it is like to have a step mother and they think they know how to raise a kid if they already had one. Especially if their parenting styles are going to be different. I met a little boy through a girl I once knew. It was her little brother, and he was a “problem child”. He would often play too rough and when she was there, it was a female dominated house with 2 sisters, and a mother. So one time he got in trouble and sent to his room and I walked in there to ask him what was going on. And he told me what was going on. So I kept talking to him like I was down at his level. He understood where I was coming from and I think I made an impact on that kid just from the little time I spent with him and his sister. I tried helping him figure out what was going on but I didn’t tell him what I thought was going on. I let him have his own voice. I let him figure it out on his own. I waited for him to keep speaking and spoke only when he was done talking.

After I stopped talking to the girl, I was told by many people that her brother would often ask our other friends where I was, or what my name was, and say that he liked me.


Thank you @anon1571434 I wish more people treated kids like that. Adults seem to forget too often that children are still people.


She (stepmom) didn’t tell me. Only said that sometimes he’s fine and other times he was a “bear”.

She should try to talk to him. Ask him why he doesn’t want to do what ever it is. And take his feelings into account.

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