Strikers picketing at Phil's job site today

He’s told me the rule is, you don’t want to cross a picket line. I’m not sure what local they are, there’s several different ones working there.

He’s on his way home.

Yeah. If you cross the picket line you’re a scab. You coworkers basically disown you. My old job was a union job.


I’m kinda glad, cuz Phil was so tired yesterday when he got home

he’s almost 61 and still doing all this heavy work

plus he’s got a heart murmur.

I remember you talking about that job you had at the union
something bad happened, right?

Well my illness took hold and I couldn’t work there anymore.

As far as union jobs go ive heard of scabs dying for crossing the picket line

In my opinion people gotta feed their families but I never crossed the picket line

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yeah, I texted him to be careful

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