Stressed out my symptoms started acting up

I got my credit evaluation from my local CC and they only accept 31 of my 67 credits that were C and above…it was ■■■■■■■■ i thought. they should accept all 67…so it looks like i wont be getting my associates degree EVER. because it makes no sense to not just work towards a bachelor…i feel the community college is trying to screw me into taking more classes. so i started panicking thinking of options for myself, started becoming psychotic.

eventually i just said "why dont i just do what ive been doing…continue to take 2 classes per semester at CC and then come fall of 2017 ill transfer to either weber state, humboldt state or evergreen state and major in zoology…ill take whatever they want me to take. i called my mom and she said this was okay…shes very supportive of me. so thats the plan now. nothings changed other than im never gonna get an associates degree…but who needs it when you got a bachelors degree. anyways…how was your day?

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