Stressed Brains Linked to Higher Schizophrenia Risk


Chronic stress can cause permanent brain damage and raise the risk of schizophrenia, according to a new study. Scientists found that stress activates immune cells that damages and changes the brain. Researchers noted that this could then lead to mental disorders.

Lead researcher Professor Dr. Georg Juckel and his team at the LWL university clinic at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB), examined certain types of phagocytes, particularly microglia.
While these phagocytes normally help repair synapses between nerve cells in the brain as well as stimulate their growth, activation of microglia could damage nerves cells and trigger inflammation.

Scientists also found a dose response as the more frequently microglia get triggered due to stress, the more they are inclined to remain in the destructive mode. This is troublesome because this type of harmful mode can significantly increase a person’s risk of developing mental illnesses like schizophrenia.


I wonder if this is the answer why I was the only one in the family who fell ill to schizophrenia? I was terribly stressed all through college and on through even more in the working world after college. hmm…


stress has got a lot to answer for :frowning:


I think my cause was the stress, and the reason i am functioning good is because i envolved in activities since middle schools. When i stoped activities and i was under stress thats when the illness hit me.
Thanks God for being this much well.


I have known this since my childhood, in our family we have many schizophrenic persons and since my childhood I tried to avoid stress and be in calm environments, but then too much stress in the end of the 1990s made me to start hearing voices, these are old news, but good that scientists are doing more research.


After stress triggers schizophrenia, later any stress may trigger schizophrenic episodes even when meds are used, I believe that in paranoid schizophrenia this is especially the case.



Read the ^ article first from @mjseu


I can agree to this, stress highly agitates my schizophrenic problems. The voices, the delusions all come on stronger when I’m under stressful situations. I was first diagnosed with Schizophrenia when I was transferring from middle school to high school, not to mention still trying to find my footing after recently moving to a new town…my next relapse happened when I was highly over stressed because of work, I was working a job where we had full 8 hour days, 7 days a week and working the weekend wasn’t an option…it was mandatory. Sure it was nice getting a weekly paycheck, but my brain just couldn’t handle the pressures after 3 years of the job.

They had their down times where I was lucky to get 30 hours of work a week…but even that was stressful because you were never certain you were going to be working or not…and you only got paid when you clocked in and to the time when you clocked out. I guess after 3 years of that uncertainty vs overworked my brain just snapped…

The work itself wasn’t hard, just the people working there because they would change things just for the sake of changing things and not telling you they changed it until you worked for the past 3 hours doing it the old way…"oh by the way we changed this, you have to re-do the whole stack…And the company was becoming more and more paranoid installing random pocket checks, metal detectors…I can’t work for a company that is more paranoid than I am.