Stressed and starting to hallucinate again

My electric suppliers have lost all my meter readings and have been charging me on the wrong meter type as well. I am really stressed I am going to get a huge bill that will bankrupt me and leave me homeless.

As a result of this stress I have started hearing things again. It started last night. Just this man saying, “all neck and no meat”. Has happened 4 times today. I don’t even know what that phrase means but it freaks me out.

I have phoned the electric company to complain but am getting no where. That can’t even put a time scale on when it will be resolved. I hate ongoing stress cos I get real symptomatic real fast.

Hmmmmm… I’m sorry dude. I’m sure it will all work out.

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If there was a corruption in the charging, you don’t have to pay the bill. You can file a complaint and if you have a legit reason, they’re gonna cancel the bill. Don’t stress out, it’s probably just a bad day. You can tell them on the phone that you don’t have to pay for something you didn’t use. I don’t hear stuff but I have something similar, try focusing on other stuff.

Thanks for the support folks. I don’t usually hear stuff. To be honest I think this phrase hearing could be a kind of mental tick related to my ocd. Like I say it is not a conversation or anything - just that one phrase. It is certainly brought in by stress.

Went on the citizens advice bureau website and they said the energy companies can only back charge for a limited amount of time. After that it gets written off.

Feeling a bit better now thanks. I go into these states quickly but I also come out of them quickly. Just need to give myself some tlc.



It is an odd phrase.

Google’s not returning anything using that phrase.

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What do you interpret it to mean?

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It is a weird phrase. I got the exact thing 5 years ago when I was moving house in the middle of the worst winter for 50 years. Stress was running high at that point also.

Am 100% sure this is just my mental “tic” when stress is unbearable. Like I say hearing voices is not a major thing for me.

Thanks for researching it for me though.

No worries man. Maybe they’re calling you an ostrich or something.


It’s a really funny phrase. If you can find some humour in it you could let it go and laugh about it :sunglasses:


Maybe it means you don’t have a body or a head. It could also mean you bought a whole chicken in a food market but they forgot to include the body.