Stress triggers episodes

Problem is reducing triggers lead me to social isolation or being social and triggered.


Extra stress has always triggered my episodes. But its hard to stay destressed with everything in life stressing us all out. @Turtle41


yes, stress is a strong trigger.

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Stress triggers my physical condition too. Stress is tha bomb for so many things, I swear!

It stresses (pun intented) everything!

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Never, ever live for others is my new motto. I tried it many times and that failed. My health comes first.


Yes, @Anon4 , the important thing in life is to be happy. I said before, life is easy: Go after what you like and run from what you dont. it works.

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Not true. You make it sound like people suffer cause we are doing it wrong.

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not at all. my voices go all day and night scaring me with all kinds of techniques. they say: ‘your father is gonna die’ 24/7 365. they say it in all kinds of ways for me to feel scared and fall. they want my fall badly. i can’t do nothing about it so i do the rest which is do what i like and run from what i don’t. life is easy. there are conditions thou. i stand firm as i got no other choice. i have the power to change the things i can, and strive to gather the strength to fight the things i cant change. life is easy but it is a fight. there is no wrong in ways peoples are going. note however that your choices can lead you to happyness regardless of conditions. who said you have to care for them? they are there. not going anyhwere. they will be there on my death bed. so i might as well not give a f…k