Stress from antipsychotics (question)

Been a bit stressed out today, worse than it’s been in a while. Did some yoga and it helped abit. Took my omega 3 as usual.

Is there anything in particular you think can have caused it? Did you sleep allright the night before etcetera?

I don’t know, difficult to pin down the cause. I think I slept alright but may have not. I’m going to bed early today, feeling very tired.

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Okay. Feeling tired is good. I’m always happy when I yawn because I have had trouble getting really tired before bed. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for you!


I had the opposite reaction. Olanzapine virtually eliminated all of my anxiety and thus reduced my stress, I’m much calmer on it. But keep in mind everyone reacts differently to all these different antipsychotic medications, what works for one person is a total disaster for someone else.

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Maybe I should switch meds, I don’t know. But I’m a little scared to do so, maybe I end up on something that gives me worse side effects.

Maybe I just had a bad day.

A new med could be better or worse, unfortunately you can’t predict what a medication will be like. I tried Abilify that didn’t work at all, became psychotic but had no side effects. I also tried Haldol which gave me intolerable side effects. Then I tried Latuda which has worked out the best with no side effects. I am now on a low dose of Latuda and Olanzapine and that combo is working well for me.


Glad you found something that works for you. I feel zyprexa works ok for me, especially when I supplement with omega 3. It was only today I felt extra stressful.

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Well I hope tomorrow is less stressful for you, I take one day at a time.

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@Mr_Hope Do you think it’s a good idea to get a blood test on all vitamins/minerals to see if anything is low maybe because of depletion?

Btw, I took a multivitamin for the first time today. I noticed that I felt a bit better, but after some hours I unfortunately experienced some increased anxiety, have no idea why. Could be something else though. I will maybe give it some more time. But thought maybe it would be a good idea to get a blood test.

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have you tested this reduction in high stress situations?

No not really, but I’m less stressed out overall because of omega 3.

well, I little bit of stress is okay, cuz it forces you to get things done,

I’m thinking of people in office jobs, and kids in college before a big test. When I’m massively stressed out, I don’t eat or sleep.

You can get a bloodtest, but they will most likely come back normal because orthodox medicine test only uncovers extreme deficiency. Like if you imagine a scale of green, yellow and red, everything in the yellow zone will come back as normal.

You could test yourself with a alternative practitioner like a biopat or herbalist if they offer it, but that will probably be expensive.

It’s a great idea to use your own body as a means of measuring if something is good or bad for you though. Let your body speak to you. Try it for a week and if you still get anxious there might be something in the formula that is bad for you. For example some people react to b-vitamins in supplement form. You could try to find a multisupplement without b-vitamins if this doesen’t work for you. It’s also possible that it is enough to take it every other day or third day. Just got to experiment to find your personal balance.

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Thanks, I might try it out for a week. I feel pretty calm now, the anxiety lasted for 2-3 hours. Actually about 30 minutes after taking the multivitamin I felt a noticeable increase in wellbeing. It was after some hours that the anxiety started. So I may take that as a sign that there’s at least some stuff in the multivitamin that my body could use more of.

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If it turns out multivitamins doesn’t work out for me maybe making nutrient packed smoothies could be an alternative!


Definitly. You try out different things and see how they work for you. You may waste some money on supplements that don’t work, but you can also find supplements that has a huge impact on your quality of life, so it’s worth it :blush:


So I cut down on coffee and now the omega 3 doesn’t work anymore? I’ve had increased stress the last couple days. May just be the withdrawals from caffeine that makes me stressed, I don’t know. But I haven’t been feeling the effects of the omega 3 the last couple days, or not much anyway.

I keep telling myself that me not feeling the effects of the omega 3 has nothing to do with whether I consume caffeine or not. And it doesn’t make sense that it would.

I also think that ever since I bought a new bottle of omega 3 pills I haven’t been feeling the effect as much as I used to. Is it possible that I’ve gotten a “faulty” bottle of pills? Is that even possible? I dont know… :confused:

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@Mr_Hope I’m sorry I keep asking questions to you in this thread. Hope you don’t mind, I was just wondering if you also have experienced this side effect of zyprexa. “Disturbance In The Ability Of The Eye To Focus”. I found it listed here, under “rare” side effects:

For me the stress I experience is often accompanied by this, that I can’t focus my eyes properly. And like I’ve mentioned omega 3 helps with it.

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Yes. I actually have that, but it’s developed over time, so it could just be attributed to me getting older. I started zyprexa over 10 years ago, and I started havin focus problems the last few years. I’m in my early 40’s.

I also get my omega 3’s and other nutrition. It’s important to do what we can. I think A-vitamin is very important for eye-sight, so I will try to test out eating foods high on that. I would be careful supplemening with it. It’s toxic in high amounts, so best to get that from food. I have a a-vitamin facial cream I will try out carefully.

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