Stress check app. On your i phone

Anyone using stress check app on i phone? I been using and mine is always (90-100) extreem… I had my mentally healthy friends tested and it was around 25. Excessive stress is always going to be with us.

Recognized stress is better for you, it’s 1/3 the way to doing something about it.

I would be too stressed to use the app or the phone.

Very interesting. Can you tell us a little about how it works?



i think i know an app that could be handy if someone wants to patent it lol-

the ‘how to not smash up your phone in a fit of anger app’ lol i think it could take off haha

take care x

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You put your index finger on the camera the app calculates your hart rate and determine the stress level… Usually my symptoms get better at night and when i test it, at night i have less stress than during the day.

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One of my case managers came by today and asked me questions about stress and anxiety. I don’t have a fancy phone.