Stress and hubby's paranoia

My husband has temporal lobe epilepsy and as I may have mentioned, he gets psych symptoms like paranoia and delusions.

The last three nights he woke up at 2am and spoke of “mind games” - from what I understand it’s when he believes others playing with his mind.

It distresses not only him but me and I tell him I can’t talk about it. It triggers my own paranoia and delusions and I get so upset.

I’ve given him a low dose of antipsychotic but maybe it’s not high enough. I don’t want him to have to go to hospital.

He’s doing well otherwise, hasn’t had seizures in three weeks and tomorrow is his birthday. I want him to be happy and stress free and realise that nobody is playing with his mind and that some of the “friends” who told him things in the past are false memories and his brain is tricking him.

If I talk to him he comes out of his delusion for a while but then he speaks about mind games again. His mind is deep in his past history and memories and I think it’s partly because he’s been hurt a lot and also because his epilepsy is in temporal lobe which deals with memories. If his seizures return the psychosis will go away. That’s the nature of his epilepsy.

We saw a good psychologist yesterday who will help us with mindfulness and being in the present, and will find a holistic doctor for him and me. She’s a GP who was a pdoc in past.

Hoping that things will improve soon! Because we cannot go on like this and his family doesn’t seem to support him enough. He’s only got me. I love him so much and don’t know what to do to help him apart from taking him for therapy and assisting him with daily life. But it’s a strain on me too and I feel stressed.

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Hoping things improve. Make sure to look after your own stress levels, try and see if you could check in with a nurse. These worries about your husband may affect you

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I think he needs to see a dr and only take meds prescribed to him personally.

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Do you give him your medicine @Hadeda?
If you do that’s wrong.

Allow him to see a doctor so they can prescribe him appropriate meds.

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