Strength training due to fear of being attacked

hey guys havent been on here much lately. but have been on my computer a lot. i listen to about 5 hours of music a day now but everyday for about over the past year or so i have been doing pushups everyday and recently started doing dumbbell curls about last spring. here is 1 year progress of my workout everyday that i have been doing because i have a fear of someone attacking me or getting mistreated or abused, september 18 2018 to august 2019



Well done man. You are looking jacked!


well you looked pretty buff/tough before but anyways glad to see the progress when one works hard to it!!

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Man, you’re big! Well done! Keep it up!

Edit: what about martial arts? It may help with fear of being attacked too.

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Good job! 151515

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Good job dude, your hard work shows

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No one would probably attack you for no reason,I think that’s irrational fear…training and exercise is good for physical and mental health, good for you…

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How many pushups do you do these days?

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Thank you guys.
I trained in American kenpo for the first year got my orange belt then had a ankle injury non related to training that made me take a break. I’m thinking about trying Tae kwon do here in town or learning wing chun online not sure yet.
Here recently I’ve been doing about 150 pushups a day but when I was stressed and first started I was doing 300, within the past few months I started doing dumbbell curls. I don’t feel comfortable going to the local gym because the owner is a cop who basically got crappy with me one time gave me a 45 minute lecture when I was in hs because I brought a friend to see if he wanted to get a membership when he was not signed up already

150 is a lot. I do at most 80 and karate once or twice a week. I would not have the self discipline to do a martial art online though there are a lot of good YouTube tutorials to get tips from. The gyms seems unnecessary because pushups and curls suffice-- you are jacked! – but maybe a dojo is more necessary.

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Looking good matey. I’m early in but doing more reps/less weights to get a bit of tone. I do a bit of body weight but looking to do more.

It’s so good for you to get fit and with minimum outcome you can really take it far. I’ve got some free weights and some miscellany and doing really well with it. Toning up and actually putting on some muscle.

If your doing it. Do the research and do it properly. Do the protein intake and excercise and there’s plenty of help on the net. I’ve got some really good workouts of pinterest. Great resource. Well done you!

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