Street cred

Kids these days is running in the streets,
Flippin drugs Makin cash, though they still piss in they sheets,
Tryna act tough but they can’t think on they feet,
Caught up with them bad boys then they get they ass beat.

Street cred ain’t a game son, don’t know who you ■■■■■■ with,
I pick my friends carefully, take em to the crib and drink a fifth,
Can’t trust a junkie cause they be pawning all my sh-t,
Take this flower son, but don’t take too big a hit.

Call me mr.einstein cause I got the knowledge that blows minds.
I ain’t talking books son, this the ■■■■ you learn with the nine.

Street cred ain’t given, it’s earned like respect,
Telling all these youngins that they ain’t in too deep yet,
Dropping these rhymes to educate the next generation,
But you gotta do what you do to combat that inflation

Markets is crashing and the price to live is high
The streets and they demons is calling me
Leave a message and I said bye.

I’m a grown ass man tryna make an honest livin
But these homeboys in streets make me start to question.
If I’m really rollin or if I’m caught up slippin
The ice from these kids really do be drippin
But I ain’t bout to risk my life just to start crippin

Street cred
Street cred

Street cred

I ain’t about that ■■■■,
Paintin the sidewalk red.

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Uh, how about cul-de-sac cred?

That’s a whole different game baby…